Vintage design hamdade solid silver handamde sandalwood and rudraksha beads tribal amulet pendant with hanging bells necklace jewelry set36

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Vintage antique design handmade gorgeous red sandalwood and rudraksha beads necklace string in solid silver wire , the amulet pendant is gorgeous piece of jewelry with amazing jingle bells ,excellent tribal necklace jewelry from Rajasthan India. Metal-sterling silver. Type-handmade necklace with sandalwood beads. Gross weight-45.67 Grams approx. Length of necklace chain-24 inches height of pendant-46 mm with bells. Width of pendant-42 mm. Material-sandalwood beads, rudraksha beads, silver beads. Makes excellent gift and collectible pieces. Sandalwood is mainly indigenous to India and Asia. The aroma of sandalwood helps the mind to unwind and increase the spiritual energy. It aids in meditation by fostering tranquility. Promoting relaxation, aiding peaceful sleep and subduing aggression are just of few of the Sandalwood Beads benefits. Regular meditation using sandalwood necklace or bracelet helps you gain perspective, surrounds you with positive energy and helps you strike the right balance. Sandalwood has been traditionally deemed as one of the purest substances and is also used for its medicinal properties.