Solid mercury god Shiva Divine lingam statue article, Parad Shiva lingam figurine for puja at home best way for wealth and prosperity MA03

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Parad Shivling is made of a mixture of mercury and silver and other alloy metal. To make mercury in solid form mixture of other metals is necessary.
The Parad Shivlinga is one of the most auspicious and divine creations that has been created and revered by man since ancient times. It holds the powerful and mystic dual energies of Shiv Linga and the metal Parad.

Item type-Lord Shiva lingam.
Metal-Mercury+ Alloy(65% mercury )Alloy has silver and other metals.

Weight-60 grams.
Height-1.2 inches.
Width-1.2 inches.
Diameter-0.8 inches.

Weight-90 grams.
Height-1.35 inches.
Width-1.4 inches.

Weight-165.0 grams.
Height-1.8 inches.
Width-1.7 inches.
Diameter-1.2 inches.

Mercury /Parad Shivalingam offers abundance, riches, success, and recognition.
Installing a Mercury /Parad Shiva lingam at the altar of your home is said to bless you in every walk of life and protect you from all the negativities.
Praying over a Mercury /Parad Shiva lingam is said to bless the married couple and offer a blissful and harmonious married life

Materials: Mercury

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