925 sterling silver new trendy Holi special Laddu Gopala colorful water Pichkari and Bucket best gift to Lord Krishna accessories su1008

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Silver pichkari is an item or a spray gun which is use to spray colorful water on holi.
These items are made from 925 sterling silver. in India people purchase these types of items for lord krishna or Laddu Gopala to gift on Holi,
The silver bucket and pichkari are used to carry and spray colored water during the festivities. The bucket is filled with water and the pichkari, which is a type of water gun or spray bottle, is used to spray the colored water on friends and family.

Material- 925 sterling silver.
Item type-Bucket or Pichkari(buyers can select)

Type 1-Small pichkari/ spray gun.
Weight-12.730 grams.
Length-3.5 inches
Diameter-0.9 centimeter.

Type-2- Big Pichkari.
Weight- 19.500 grams.
Length-5.3 inches.
Diameter-0.9 centimetres.

Type-3 Bucket-
weight-34.220 grams
Size-4.2 x 4.2 centimetres.

Type4- Small pichkari and bucket.
Type-5 Big pichkari and bucket

.Silver bucket and pichkari are traditional items used in India during the festival of Holi, which is also known as the festival of colors. Holi is celebrated in the spring, usually in March, and is a time for people to come together and celebrate with music, dance, and colorful powders.

Materials: 925 sterling silver

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