925 sterling silver handmade lork Khatu Shyam Dhwaja or flag, silver "jai shree shyam" flag best way for gifting to idols or kriahna su1018

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Silver Flag | Antique Design | 925 Purity | Tested & Handcrafted | Elegant Jaishree Shyam Flag | Best Gift Option | Precious Look of Item, unique rare silver articles.

Khatu Shyam Temple is a Hindu temple located in the town of Khatu in the Sikar district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna's devotee, Khatu Shyam, who is also known as Barbarika or Shyam Baba.

Metal-925 sterling silver.
Item type-Small flag.

Type-1: small:
Weight-11.500 grams.
Height of plant-3.5 inches,
width-1.8" inches.

type-2: big:
Weight-15.800 grams.
Height of plant-4 inches,
width-2.2" inches.

Weight-27.700 grams.
Height of plant-5 inches,
width-3" inches.

Weight-32.890 grams.
Height of plant-6 inches,
width-3.5" inches.

Makes excellent gifting and collectable pieces.

Materials: 925 sterling silver