999 fine solid silver handmade small bowl for baby food, pure silver vessels, silver utensils, home and kitchen accessories india sv29

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999 fine silver handmade bowl/tray/plate and spoon set, excellent gifting home dining decor silver vessels, indian opinion is silver has proven antibacterial properties. It is believed that eating out of the same is healthy and can help prevent disease-causing bacteria from spreading. This is one of the main reasons medicines are given to babies in silver bowls or trays.

Metal-999 pure fine silver.
Item Type-Silver Vessels/ plate and spoon.
Weight-31.200 grams.
Height of bowl-1.2 inches.(2.3 cm)
Diameter-2.8 inches(6.8 cm)
spoon size-3.5 inches(8.8 cm)
Makes excellent gifting and collectible pieces.